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There are various kinds of vibrators that you can have for having sexual pleasure. Egg vibrator is one such kind of vibratos that you can have through Sex Toys Online. This nature of vibrator is the most popular of its kind as it is easy to use, it can be used diversely and it can be used anywhere you wish. Let us see what exactly egg vibrator is.

The reason of the name

As the name suggests it should be vibrating the eggs of your female partner. No, that is not the case; it has such a name as the shape that it is of resembles an egg. Being in this shape it can be easily fitted at the vagina of your female partner and used. They can be best used as clitoris excitement toy. The size of these vibrators is small and can be easily fitted even when you are having actual sex. It will not be obstructing the path of the penis inside the vagina. There are various sorts that you can choose from. There are those which can be controlled by means of remote or the more sophisticated one that can be used when you are far away from your female partner.

They are practically noiseless

It is seen that vibrators make noise when used. You can be rest assured that these egg vibrators just produce a hum rather than noise. As it is noise less you can wear that and walk off to your work place or go shopping. While working or shopping you can use the remote to have a different nature of sexual pleasure. This noise less feature makes the vibrator to be more mobile than the other kind of vibrators.