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We all wish to have Sex Toys Kolkata in our bedroom. If we want to have such kind of sex toys then we must follow certain steps so that we get the best of the lot to ensure that we get the desired sexual pleasure that we want. Let us see those steps.

Talking to the best dealer

If you search the net you will be find many who are dealing with sex toys. You must pick the most reputed of those. You can visit their site or be at their store to have a talk. They must talk in such a manner that they can explain to you about various natures of sex toys and their usage. The most important thing is that their way of talking must not make you feel embraced or you should not be feeling discomfort while talking to them.

Discuss properly with your sex partner

The introduction of Sex Toys Kolkata should not be done in a forcible manner. It should not be such that you bought the sex toys suddenly and told your partner that you are going to use that. Have a discussion with your partner before purchasing them. Know your partner’s wish and liking then settle for purchasing it. It should not be like forcing the use of the toy.

Start with mild sex toys first

You should never try to use hard sex toys at the first go. It may so happen that the pain or the dislike that your partner develops may not allow you the usage of the sex toys. So, it is better to start slowly. Use the excitement oils and creams or some sex videos to start the game then go on for hard nature of toys.