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There is various nature of Sex Toys India that you can find. Among them the vibrators are the oldest form of sex toys that are used. Among these vibrators the bullet vibrator is the oldest. Let us see what a bullet vibrator is.

The nature of bullet vibrator

It is the one that one should first have while they are collecting sex toys for sexual pleasure. It is small and can be used to excite the vagina or the clitoris. As it is small in size it can be comfortably used while you are travelling.

Exciting the clitoris
Move out with it

If you want the excitement to continue even when you are travelling then you can put the vibrator inside your panty and move around. No one will understand that you are using a vibrator but you will be having the sexual pleasure of your desire.

Use it with your partner

You can use the same vibrator when you are having actual intercourse with your partner. You can let the penis be inserted into your vagina but have the vibrator fitted there too.