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There are various ways of teasing your partner. You definitely will love to tease your partner and the most unique way of teasing her is by using Sex Toys in India.Let us see how you can do so and also have the sexual pleasure with your partner.

Using the vibrator

You must know that vibrators are used to give sexual excitement to the vagina or the clitoris. Why not use it in some other manner and tease your partner. Instead of using the vibrator on to the vagina or clitoris of your partner use that in other sensitive parts of her body. She will urge you repeatedly for using the vibrator onto her vagina or clitoris but delay that for some time. When she gets a bit angry use the vibrator onto her clitoris but not directly touching the clitoris. Vibrate it by the side of clitoris and use that directly on to the clitoris when she urges to have more excitement.

Playing cat and mouse

Using the vibrator in this manner your partner is sure to have sexual excitement. When she is having sexual excitement and going towards having orgasm, slow down the speed of the vibrator. Nowadays vibrators come with sped control and you can easily do that. See doing this how teased she feels. You can completely withdraw using the vibrator or suddenly increasing the speed will also make her teased. Using the wireless nature of vibrator you can have complete control over her having orgasm. Delay the time of reaching the climax by varying the speed or taking the vibrator out.

Tease your partner in this manner and then have the real sexual pleasure that you both want to have and enjoy.