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If you want to have a sex that is hot then you must be having a foreplay that sets the field in position. It is seem that foreplay is the key to have great orgasm and the desired sex pleasure that you want. To have such a kind of foreplay you can use Hot Sex Toys in Kolkata. Let us see the ways.

Playing sex games

This is the means of having a foreplay that will help you to have an excellent sexual pleasure. There are many ideas that you can choose from. Like you can use the sex toys to have a great foreplay. You can use the vibrators and the penis ring to this purpose. While having foreplay tell your female partner to wear the vibrator and you yourself wear the penis ring. Use the sex toys in between your foreplay and see the difference.

Using sex videos

While you are having foreplay try watching some sex videos. Try to do the foreplay the way the models in the video are doing the same. You will be able to have the foreplay in such a manner that you have never had before and the sexual excitement will definitely be increased by doing so.

Using the doll

The doll can be used when you both are nearby. While you are having foreplay with your female partner suddenly switch to the doll. Do the same thing that you were doing with her. See how eager she will be to have your attention and have the sexual love of yours. You can enjoy the feeling and then switch over to her. She will like this manner of foreplay and you both will be having a great orgasm and sexual pleasure.